Friday, March 29, 2013

Yes, The Plasma Cutting Machine Cut Any Conductive Metal

After cutting by CNC plasma cutting machine, the stainless steel cross-section may have 
some rust residue because the long-term placement. By which many users will worry about 
how to handle these rust? 
CNC plasma cutting machines arc center temperature may reach nearly a thousand degrees, within the central area of the metal will be due to the heat and oxidation discoloration. It is the impact of the metal cutting efficiency. In fact, we do not have to worry about it.
The following brief talk about two ways to get rid of the rust.

1. After Pickling the steel must be well flushed with water to avoid secondary pollution. 
You can use the manual polishing machine, and it is easy to throw away a thin layer.

2. Colored stainless steel that oxidation by high-temperature can be washed off by MEKP. 
To use MEKP can restore stainless original white.

Many plasma system user who purchase Comeid metal cutting systems the first time think for cutting stainless steel, aluminum or other non-ferrous metals. Some people still believe 
that plasma system can only be used for cutting these materials. In fact, the plasma 
system is very effective in cutting any conductive metal, and it is the the most popular 
method in the world for cutting mild steel.

For course cutting machine, CNC flame cutting low efficiency of these materials compared 
to plasma cutting stainless steel and aluminum is one of its main advantages. In addition, 
the plasma system is more effective in cutting the spraying, dirty or rusty steel, making 
it the necessary tools to repair heavy equipment, automobiles and farm equipment.

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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Supply Good Quality CNC Violin Engraving Machine

Supply Good Quality CNC Violin Engraving Machine

The market needs enable the people in search for the new application of CNC Routers. Recent years 
the wood CNC router is widely used for CNC engraving and cutting musical instrument--violin. 

The experienced engineers in COMEID CNC keep practising how to carve the perfect violin head while 
communicating constantly with the customer. We learn from the feedback of the problem, and 
then get better and better when problem solving. And the structure and configuration of improved 
machine stand up in this special industry.

COMEID offer the violin CNC router with distinct cost and quality and stable working efficiency.

1. This model owns 4 pieces strong power water-cooling spindle motors. 4 times efficiency.

2. The working table is made of aluminium section and PVC. It precisely placed the convenient T splints 
for holding the wood while processing. 
3. It suggest the engraving speed to be 15m/min and the max speed is 20m/min.

4. It adopts the smarter control system and TYPE3,ARTCAM, CASTMATE software both make the 
3D figure engraving and carving speedy and delicate.

5. Adopt the TAIWAN linear guide rail and imported precision ball screw transmission.

6. Application: red wood antique furniture, solid wood doors, windows, murals, large area plane plate 
engraving and cutting, antique furniture three-dimensional relief, wood V processing, the kitchenware
processing, wave board processing, display cabinets, electrical cabinet, table clock shell, sports goods, cutting, three-dimensional surface and instrument appearance frame, jewelry box, PVC circuit 
board insulating plate cutting, cutting, LED display.

Saturday, March 16, 2013

LASER. World of Photonics China Shanghai 2013

LASER. World of Photonics China Shanghai

Laser World of Photonics China Shanghai start on 19th-21th in New International Expo Centre. It provides an opportunity to gain insight into the lastest technologies and applications in the complete range of electronics and to meet international experts.

As the fiber become hot in laser physics research, it is supposed to take full place of solid-laser to be a new laser generation.

COMEID fiber laser marking machine is develofed in cooperation with German and Britain laser companies by using the cutting edge technologies.

The advantage is as follows:

It adopt the imported laser generator and scanner guarantee the high efficiency of the electron-light transformation. To make less of power consumption while work high speed with less of total power.

Fiber is much smaller size than glass tube laser or solid laser. It represents high quality fine lined laser engraving and marking. So that it fit for joining an industrial production line.

The most adorable is that there is no consumption parts, no maintenance. And it air cooling itself while working in any circumstances.

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Monday, March 11, 2013

The Plasma Cutting Machine and Flue Pipe Cutting

The Plasma Cutting Machine and Flue Pipe Cutting

The plasma pipe cutting machine simplify the development of the advanced flue 
pipe/air pipe cutting industry.

An innovative new plasma cutting machine for flue pipes/air pipes has been 

developed by COMEID.COM, a specialist manufacturer of CNC routers, plasma 
cutting machines and laser engraving and cutting machines and metal cutting 
The arc voltage height adjusting system dynamically varies the distance 
between the plasma torch head and the surface of the flat tube during the 
cutting process, to provide optimum performance.

Capable of cutting aluminum and stainless steel flue pipes at any complexed s
hapes from flat metal sheet which are then rolled and welded before assembly.

The software can handle a wide range of tube patterns. It only needs to input 
several size of the pipe, and it will form a expansion dwg  automatically. 

The machine equipped with water jet on the plasma torch head, it protect 
torch head from high temperature. 

The CNC system software runs under Windows XP,with all operator information 
presented on a large touch-sensitive full color HMI.

Plasma pipe cutting machine is applied to the mechanical and electrical 
industry: flue pipe/ air pipe processing, the ventilation pipe, metal plate 
cutting ,advertising signs, decoration, garden iron art, automobile 
manufacturing, ship manufacturing, electrical accessories industry and so on.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

COMEID.COM Large Laser Textile Cutting Machine

COMEID.COM large laser Textile cutting machine

COMEID.COM large format laser textile/ cloth/ fabric cutting machine is popular in textile industry. The special software of DSP can helping typesetting all the shapes in one sheet and save the material. Laser cutting avoid the rough selvedge of the fabric, and it even overlock in some kinds of textile. Here some questions and answers.

1.To reach the best cutting result, the laser machine cut one layer of fabric. 3.5mm fabric is ok.

2.It equipped with front and back table for our machines. And its rolling bed can help feeding the textile.

3.The working area of the machine is 2.0*2.5m. And if you order the 2.0*4.5m working area, we will arrange the production.

4.The software of the machine accepts the format as: PLT, DXF, AI, DST, BMP. And save the vector graphics data as a standard PLT file.

5.The factory do not supply the computer for the machine. But the machine has USB interface and control Panel with LCD screen. And the machine can also connect the computer by Window 2000 and Window XP.

6.Notches. It can cut the holes, minimum 3mm.

7.The average speed means the speed that it cut the varied patterns. 3.5mm thickness, 100mm/s. And we still need to confirm after testing.

8.We do not have the store out of China. Our customer can have free training in China. And if the customer meet the problem, and they can not solve by themselves, we will come to your aid. But the customer charges the tickets and hotel.

9.The laser tube guaranteed 3 months, and whole machine guaranteed one year. The fan and lens and mirrors are not in warranty. Free new parts change in warranty time.

10.There are three ways of avoiding fire.
a. We supply the big power blower (air pump) for blowing with the laser head while working.
b. Adjust the quick speed through practice.
c. We supply big power vacuum from the below of the machine. For absorb the dust and smoke out of work place.
d. Only cut one layer in one time.

Kind of man-made leather for sofa……

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

What Make Plasma Cutting Machine Outstanding?

What Make Plasma Cutting Machine Outstanding?

COMEID.COM plasama cutting machine is widely used for cutting the stainless steel sheet. 
For example flue pipe, the steamer ship.
  1. It has high sensitive arc pressure adjuster. This height control protect the cutting 
torch and Self-adjusting to choose the best distance between plasma head and work
 piece automatically in order to ensure cutting accuracy.The price of the machine includes it.

  2. It has one exhaust fan inside the working bed for blowing the smoke. And it has little
smoke blowing upside. It need the working room to be well ventilate.
   3. Industrial means the machines use the heigh class equipment. like 
arc srtiking heright control, Japanese Panasonic servo motors for transmission
and configured with Taiwan Servo speed reducing device. and high accuracy rack transmission.
Lower noise, stable and accurate coordinate movement.

4.  The plasma cutting needs very stable moving and cutting speed control. This START 
CONTROL has LCD screen,and touch screen, Start control system made in Sino-US joint venture and Germany design Software FASTCAM with auto material saving function.

5. Advanced material inclined discharging design. All finished work pieces and fragments slide
 into both sides of tunnel for safe and convenient collection.   

6. Welded lathe bed of thick-wall profiled steel, more solid and stable.
Steel plates will not be damaged even under raging flame. The level difference of 
whole double-deck platform remains in 0-1.5mm.
7. Advanced material inclined discharging design. All finished work pieces and fragments slide 
into both sides of tunnel for safe and convenient collection.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

COMEID.COM Rapid ‎4 Axis Glass Engraving Machine

COMEID.COM ‎4 axis Glass engraving machine
The engraving speed is 3m/min.
The machine can make the do the engraving and polishing with two steps and 
two kinds of tools. 
The mill wheel can be from ∮170 to∮110. 
Do you look for this kind of machine?

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Friday, March 1, 2013

COMEID.COM Olive-nut Engraving and CNC Router

Olive-nut Engraving and CNC Router

1.Professional olive-nut rotary engraving machine.
2. X.Y.Z axis adopt linear guide rail.
3.Adopt HIWIN ball screw and make the transmission stable and high precision.
4.Good famous water-cooling spindle works with little noisy, and great power

Applicable industries and materials:
Suitable for olive-nut engraving and delicate metal art-craft and necklace.

Product Specification:
Machine Model                                                 COM-3636B
Working Table                                                 480*480mm
Working Area                                                  360*360mm
XYZ Guide Rail                                                  HIWIN Square Rail
Spindle motor                                                  1.5 KW
Software                                                          TYPE3
Driver                                                               Stepper Motor(Leadshine882)
Spindle Speed                                                   6000-24000 RPM
Max Working Speed                                         6000mm/min
Working Voltage                                               AC220V 50HZ/60HZ
Blade Diameter.                                                3.175mm,4mm,6mm
Rotary Size                                                       80mm(diameter) *200mm(length)
X,Y,Z Traveling Positioning Accuracy                 ±0.025mm
X,Y Resolution                                                  ﹤0.01mm
N.W                                                                  100KG
G.W                                                                  150KG
Delivery Date                                                    15 working days

How to Make Good Sample with CNC Router

How to Make Good Sample with CNC Router