Sunday, October 18, 2015

Metal Die Working CNC Router 5.5KW

Metal Working CNC Router

5.5KW constant power die spindle made in China
max rotation 24000
working area: 400*500mm
working height: 500mm
repetition precision: 0.01mm
servo drivers and motors made in China
linear guide rail HIWIN made in Taiwan
Ball screw made in Taiwan
Machine weight: 400KG.
Control system: ADTECH system

ATC with 16pcs Tools Store
Precision :0.006mm

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

New CNC Letter Bending Machine Do AL LED Light Letter

Applications in advertisement :
Stainless steel letter, Aluminum light letter, fine light letters, letters without side punching.

Unique stainless steel groove with linear guide rail made in Taiwan and servo motors.
Unique flexible bending mode on both symmetrical sides
Precision notching angle and make letter bending angle perfect.
Database switching meets each kind of material letter bending.
Fast speed one time molding machine without making acrylic blocks.
The LEETRO smart control systems and software accept DXF, AI format.
All the parts has CE certificate, electrical components is DELIXI and OMRON

Thursday, October 8, 2015

45A HYPERTHEM Plasma Source quality Cut 8mm Carbon Steel

45A HYPERTHEM Plasma Source quality Cut 8mm Carbon Steel
COMEID Industrial plasma cutting machine
It owns auto height control system made in China
START control system with 7 inch screen
Linear guide rails and helical gears rails made in Taiwan
strong working table for heavy steel sheet.
360 degree protection for the cutting head
There is wheel which make material feeding easy