Monday, May 27, 2013

3D Programming with ARTCAM for Furniture CNC Carving Machine

Delcam ArtCAM software can change hand-painted artwork, scanning documents, photos, grayscale, CAD and other documents of all flat data, into a vivid and exquisite three-dimensional digital model of relief. And it make the control system able to drive CNC machine tools generate code that runs.

Applications in CNC Router industry:
Widely used for carving generation, mold manufacturing, jewelry manufacturing, packaging design, manufacturing as well as medals and coins plate production and other fields.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

4 Axis Aluminum Machine Center Now Available


This 4 Axis Aluminum Machine Center machine is a working center
mixture of milling, drilling, tapping, chamfer. Suitable for various lengths of
aluminum-copper profiles, PVC, steel , aluminum honeycomb panels
and aluminum alloy section, curtain section, aluminum radiator section.

Machine Features:
1, Syntec controller, Japanese 40mm THK linear rails

YASKAWA servo motors and drivers, Italian ATC HSD Spindle

2, Carrousel Tool Magazine system with high effeciency.

3, Specially designed for processing mounting hole, leaking hole, end milling,
and other slots for diversified curtain walls and aluminum doors and windows.

4. The length travel can be 12000mm.

5. Table is moving beam, and machine frame is welded Structure.

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Friday, May 10, 2013

Mini High Speed Precision CNC Milling Machine

Mini High Speed Precision CNC Milling Machine
Working Travel 360*360mm
Z Axis 150mm
Rotary 100mm diameter
X,Y,Z,A 4 Axis 3D engraving CNC Router
Ring carving machine

Speed:            2-5m/min
Rotation rate :   24000rpm
Tool diameter:    20 degree, 0.3mm
Spindle:          1.5 KW

Professional metal mould engraving spindle
             lower noisy and high precision.
Dynamic design for safety, and prevent from flying metal powder
Edit the 3D relief with GD software easily.
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Saturday, May 4, 2013

COMG-6040 Laser Engraving Machine for Bamboo Engraving

COMG-6040 Laser Engraving Machine for Bamboo Engraving
It engraves or writes the letters or the patterns which software designs
60w laser tube make the precision to be  of 2mm letter
Bamboo laser engraving machine,
fast engrave technology
easy edit software,
long life laser tube,click
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