Saturday, September 21, 2013

The Safety Working Requirement of Plasma Cutter

The plasma system is very effective in cutting any 
conductive metal, and it is the the most popular 
method in the world for cutting mild steel.
For course cutting machine, CNC flame cutting low efficiency 
of these materials compared to plasma cutting stainless 
steel and aluminum is one of its main advantages.

The work environment for plasma cutter is strict.
1.The workplace is not more than 1000 meters above sea level;
2.Ambient temperature between -10 degrees and 40 degrees;
 transport and storage temperature between -25 degrees and 55
3.Supply voltage waveform should be the actual sine wave frequency 
fluctuation does not exceed its rating ± 2%;
4.Fluctuations in the supply voltage does not exceed its rated 
value ± 10%;
5.Three-phase supply voltage unbalance rate of not more than 5%;
6.Air can not contain acid, alkali and other corrosive gases and 
toxic and harmful gases or dust (except cutting gas and dust)
7.Not in the near shoreline areas work salt in the air;
8.Speed of wind in the workplace less than 2m / s;
9.Not suitable for use in the rain.