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Solutions about Avoid Radiation from Laser Engraving and Cutting Machine

Solutions about Avoid Radiation from Laser Engraving and Cutting Machine

 COMEID company has been engage research in laser engraving and cutting machine for more than 3 years. We have accumulated a wealth of experience and first-hand data in production and operation. Here we share two points that keep the operators away from the radiation damage of laser engraving and cutting machine.

1,Use the protective equipment as goggles/ glasses.

The typical protective device is laser goggles. Goggle. It prevents laser damage to the human eye which can be divided into reflection, absorption, diffraction and compound and so on according to protection principles, Moreover, the goggles is aimed at radiation wavelength of the laser in the laser cutting machine. It is convenient to wear on when operating especially for the man who come to contact with laser for the first time.

Second, points for the self-protection.

if the people has a sufficient degree of health, the minor radiation of laser cutting machine in no way detracted from his health. Ofcourse the operator is appropriate to eat some carrots, bean sprouts, tomatoes, lean meat, animal liver and other foods rich in vitamins A, C, and protein, And do often drink green tea. Because these foods can help humanity better protect the eyes,it is able to do better protection for the human body.
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ComeId.Com: The Home of Quality Woodworking, Engraving, & Laser Engraving and Metal Cutting Machine

ComeId.Com: The Home of Quality Woodworking, Engraving, & Laser Engraving and Metal Cutting Machine

If you are looking for products such as a CNC Router, a cutting machine, and an engraving machine then you should not go any further as Comeid.com is here to stay. This company offers a great deal of products in different models teeming with one common brand only from Jinan Comeid. This company currently holds its operations in the city of Jinan located at the province of Shangdong. It’s company that offers a work force that produce high quality, innovative, and state of the art CNC routers, cutting, and engraving machines for industries and companies scattered all over the world today.

Countries that avail the high quality products of Comeid include countries in Europe, United States of America, SE Asia, South America, Russia, Middle East, and South Africa. Since the company’s manufacturing department focuses more on their products’ technical innovations and services, all of the products offered worldwide now render easier and more stable operations. Basically, Comeid Company believes in the saying, “Quality comes first” and this is what they truly show in each of the products they import to other parts of the globe. And as for their services, many industrial companies around the world claim that Comeid is truly the best when it comes to providing services that entail customers buying any of their products through their website.

The following are some of the products that are considered by the company as its specialty:

Laser Engraving Machine

The fact is that there are other models for this kind of machine offered and sold by Comeid. One is the COM1290 model which offers high strength, economical gifts, and stable operation. It comes with its X and Y axis that aim to adopt imported guides and a speed motor that enhances cutting stability and smoothness. This also comes with imported lens that are gilded, a 2-layer focusing system, a silicon base, and stronger characteristics. Applicable materials and industries that can make use of a Laser Engraving Machine include materials of acrylic character, bamboo writing, paper board, embroidery cutting, and leather industries. This kind of machine is also good for cutting bi-colored boards, glass, rubber, and wood planks.

Laser Cutting Machine

This kind of machine from Comeid is highly intended for cutting certain types of materials such as textiles, cloth, acrylic, and others. The model COM-1325 for instance comes with a wide opening in laser format that cuts in a rolling network table. This function is being cooperated by the unit’s feeding system. This works great especially when you are working with fabrics that are usually used in automobile textile designs and decorations and textile fabrics for home improvement purposes as well. Another kind of it is the metal cutting machine which is known for cutting metals. In the same way, Comeid also offers one of their best products and that is known to be the woodworking machine.

And lastly, one of the popular specialties of Comeid Company is the product known as CNC router. Applicable materials and industries for this kind of product include aluminum and plastic plates, aluminum industries, aluminum panels (honeycomb), man-made sheet, neon light cutting for groove words, light boxes in plastic form, cooper boards, acrylic, etc. Wood CNC router and more also come available at http://www.comeid.com/

Laser Metal Cutting Machine -Why No Action After Booting

Laser Metal Cutting Machine -Why No Action After Booting

1.To check the Barrier on the machine. It can use the hand push cart and beams to check if it is Smooth. Laser cutting machine

2. To check he motor shaft is broken, and Synchronization round loose or not.

3.To check Whether the switch button is normal or nor,You can observable switch button on the light-emitting tube is bright.

4. To check the board of the master socket has no electricity,The plug is not inserted.

5. To check the fuse blows in Socket of the machine

6. To check Machine input power cord is not connected,The input and output voltage are not normal.

7. To check the motherboard line connecting the drive or plug has poor contact.

8. To check .wire between drive and motor is disconnected.

9. To check Machine's setup parameter is incorrect.

10. To check Motherboard appears failure,You can check the display indicator lights on the motherboard.

11. To check the motherboard input voltage is not correct.

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