Wednesday, August 21, 2013

3D Scanning and CNC Wood Engraving Machine Hot Sale

It takes about 25 minutes for scanning the Hindo God and
changed it into G code through ARTCAM software.

And we use the wood carving CNC Router and rotary device to engraving the elephant.
Only 3 hours finish the work which it looks like the original one and we shows at the end of the video.

There are two kinds of blade tools to carving the figure.
First , it is rough carving by 6MM diameter Cutter with
 straight grooves. the nose is 0.3mm

Second, it use the 30degree, 3.175mm diameter cutter for precision carving.
the nose is also 0.3mm

Any question please contact

My skype is : rose.huang07

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Used Machine Sell- UK Customer Buy it in 2011

Working Area: 1500*4500mm
Spindle Motor: 6 pieces
Used for carving wood, engraving shaft and guitars.

One of my UK friend want to sell this machine which work still perfect.
Is there any one interested in used machine in cheap price?
Please ask me for his information if you want this machine.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

CO2 Laser Metal Cutting Machine for Sale

We recommended you using COMEID CO2 laser cutting machine to cut 
carbon steel plate less than 20mm and stainless steel plate and the 
acrylic, wood and other non-metallic materials within 10mm.
The laser cutting with no touch the metal sheet.

 It has no cutting tools wear and tear.
CNC control,the cutting is speedy 
Design the pattern by software, it can realize automatic nesting, improve 
the material utilization
Low production costs and good economic returns.
Cutting line is narrow, within 0.02mm, no pollution
There are some points make the cutting to be not smooth, and do not cut 

The problems is as follows:
Laser head nozzle selection does not match the sheet thickness; 
Laser Cutting speed too fast, the operation control needs to reduce the line 
Cutting nozzle is too large to cause the laser focal position
Sensor error, the need to re-detect the nozzle sensor data, especially when 
cutting aluminum

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Sunday, August 4, 2013

Laser Cutting Machine Cut Both Stainless Steel and Acrylic

Laser Cutting Machine Cut Both Stainless Steel and Acrylic


Multi-function Laser cutting machine cut both stainless steel
and acrylic.
With help of O2, the  laser tube 130W cut the stainless steel
 1mm with 30mm/s.
And it also can cut the 25mm acrylic with speed 1mm/s.

The video show the laser cut the stainless steel sharply and
Special design laser head get focus precision by help of auto
height adjusting system.

If you are interested in this new model,
contact me

Friday, August 2, 2013

3D Scanner for Figures and Reliefs

3D Scanner for Figures and Reliefs

Three Dimensions scanner has been widely used in the entertainment industry. 
It is integration of  data collection for movies and video games. Other common
 applications including industrial design, orthotics and prosthetics as well as
 furniture relief , figures.
At present, many different techniques can be used to create these 3Dscanning 
devices. While each technology has its own limitations, advantages, and cost. 
Such as optical techniques, glossy, mirror or transparent objects.

Industrial 3D scanner collect the data by analyzing the shape and appearance
 (color) of the objects. And then use the software to converted into G CODE. 
Later CNC equipment make the exactly the same model.

CNC engraving machine mostly be used to do mass production of handicrafts,
 statues, and antique furniture. Some product is carved by experienced man is 
unique and difficult to counterfeit. There are experienced engineer can make
 the programme by software ARTCAM, POWERMILL,AutoCAD, while it cost 
quite long term to finish it.

COMEID 3D scanner adopt the newest grating scanning technique. It speedy,
 accurate with 3,000,000.00 pixel. With easy maintain and no limit working 
environments, the scanner improve the work efficiency.