Monday, August 31, 2015

Professional Air Duct Software for Plasma Cutting Machine .

Professional air duct software for plasma cutting Machine .

1. English version operating system Window XP;
2. Visual LCD interface, easy to operate, easy to learn;
3. Supports three work modes: (1) flame cutting; (2) plasma arc cutting; 
  (3) spray painting line;
.Provide 44 parametric graphics library, rapid implementation of sets of materials 
and cutting;
.Support RS-274D EIA code programming;
.Supporting third party sets of material / programming software to generate parts
 program floppy disk, U disk read;
7. Sets of materials, provide translation, rotation, radial, zoom and other editing functions;
.Parts graphics local zoom / check;
9. Programmable cutting gap compensation;
10. Arbitrary section of the program to return, the point of the hole to return, the point 
of return and the starting point of return; 
11 .Real-time dynamic tracking cutting trajectory as well as the adjustment of cutting speed; 
12 .Stable, reliable plasma anti interference technology and ability;
 13. with steel plate edge, correction function; 
14 with power automatic protection function and break point automatic recovery 
cutting function; 
16 with cutting, turning and arc cutting automatic acceleration and deceleration,
 effectively prevent over burning and tilt;

Monday, August 17, 2015

4 Heads Laser Cutting Machine for Leather Cutting

4 Heads Laser Cutting Machine for Leather Cutting
FOB7800USD Discount price:7642USD

100W glass laser tube made in EFR Beijing,4 pcs,guarantee 10 months,best tubeLEETRO control system good for cutting
The most useful water-cooling system- CW5000 , 2 pcs
The mirrors and lens imported from USA
The machine guarantee 1 YEAR
CE standard with emergency stop and beautiful wires path
water protection for glass tube