Wednesday, September 24, 2014

New Product--6 Spindles Rotary CNC Router

New Product 
6 Spindles Rotary CNC Router
little wood craft engraving
Special design for small factory
high precision wood engraving
rotary 25mm*150mm
used for red wood, 3D figure carving
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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Mult-heads 4 Axis Rotary CNC Router for Wood and Marble

Mult-heads 4 Axis Rotary CNC Router for Wood and Marble

Special order according to the customer's requirements
working both rotary and flat table
both rotary engraving and relief engraving
4 heads with 1 motors or 4 heads with 4 motors is optional
lifting cylinder help Z axis stable moving
There is video of these machines on YOUTUBE

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Why the CNC plasma cutting machine can not cut through the steel?

Why the CNC plasma cutting machine can not cut through the steel? 
First to check if it the problem of the machine or the plasma power supply.

The common problems of CNC plasma cutting machine are the following factors. No arc CNC plasma 
cutting machine; the arc can not cut through the plate, or the arc easy broken through cutting etc.

When face the problem of no arc, first we need to check the electrode and nozzle of the cutting gun.
 If it is damaged or replaced bad position. If it is in good condition, we have to check whether the 
plasma power ventilation or air supply bad. We can judge the power supply problems or CNC cutting
 machine problem through a short connecting power -the arc.

The plate can not be cut through by arc. Why? 1 reasons, a small current of CNC plasma power 
machine can not cut the thick plate, 2, Grounding wires and cutting plate is not connected well. 3,
 The air pressure is too small. 4, the gas for the plasma power supply owns high water content. 5, 
The plasma cutting nozzle is too small.